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From Jeff Roth - Medical Researcher, Fitness Consultant and Author

Dear Snoring Sufferer,

In a matter of moments you will be learning about a stop snoring solution that is so effective and simple to learn that you might have a lot of difficulty believing it's true. But rest assured, because it is the same stop snoring method that countless others, like yourself, have used recently to rid themselves of this obnoxious affliction forever and finally start enjoying the benefits that a truly quiet nights sleep can provide. Not to mention the relief, experienced at long last, by their partners too! 

My name is Jeff Roth and over the last 10 years, through 1000's of hours of reseach, trial and error, and many "Ah ha" moments, I was finally able to develop a stop snoring system, based on an all natural method, that cured me of my "chainsaw" like snoring habit for good!  

In the time that has followed, I've been able to share this knowledge with many other miserable snorers that resulted in the same kind of success that I experienced. The reason it works so well is because it focuses on applying the correct technique for your specific snoring cause. 

You see, not everyone snores for the same reason. This is why there are sooo many anti-snoring devices and products on the market today! Each one works for a different group of snorers. So, when you can pinpoint the specific cause of your snoring, then you can implement the right solution, which is what my method does a brillant job of doing!



Recently a new breakthrough in snoring was discovered and reported in an amazing new eBook called the Silent Sleep Method: Real Solutions For Chronic Snorers

It's amazing, because it covers nearly every bit of information you ever wanted to know about snoring, plus more...

Just imagine being able to stop snoring in as little as 7 days (or less) without buying expensive products or having to annoy your partner. 

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Well it's not a pipe dream... you absolutely CAN have a restful nights sleep. It truly is possible, but you just need to know how.

Why is it so important?


Snoring is defined as sounds made by vibrations in the soft palate and their adjacent tissues during sleep. Heavy snoring can result in sleep-related upper airway narrowing, which leads to respiratory flow limitation and increased respiratory effort. If untreated, heavy snoring may be complicated by excessive daytime sleepiness, muscle fatigue, and in the most severe circumstances, such as heavy sleep apnea, it can even be fatal.

The bottom line is simple. Chronic snoring robs you. Maybe a little, maybe a lot. But every night that you sleep with serious snoring issues, it takes away the things that a restful sleep is supposed to provide you. Energy, vitality, and the joy of being close physically with your significant other. It takes away from from you in all these catagories. But it doesn't have to.
You can close the door on obnoxious snoring Forever! You just need a blueprint that works.

That's what this brand new cutting edge eBook on snoring can help you to do! You can literally start to...


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Because, every bit of this eBook is packed with the latest cutting edge information on how to stop snoring and it took over 1 year to research, gather the data and compile it into this amazing new eBook.

Here's what you'll discover in the - Silent Sleep Method:

How to better understand what snoring is...

3 little known, yet simple ways to finding out why you snore...

How to avoid going broke on useless anti-snoring devices by discovering exactly what type of snorer you are! What you'll learn here will save you a lot of time and money!

Secrets from experts that few people ever know about...

Restore your relationships. No more nights apart or groggy mornings. You and your partner will begin to enjoy the best sleep you've had years every single night!

3 proven steps to understanding the causes of snoring...

2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to relieving sleep apnea...

WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it comes to going to bed in order to elliminate snoring...

You'll discover in just a few short minutes how to find the right treatment to help you stop snoring...

6 time tested and proven strategies for using over the counter treatments to elliminate snoring...

When to seek professional help when it comes to your snoring problem...

7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for relieving snoring naturally...

10 readily available short-term solutions to snoring that may just work for you! These techniques allow you minimize or get rid of snoring altogether.

A pennies on the dollar approach to buying anti snoring products...

How often to use treatments to relieve snoring...

How to avoid other health problems that your snoring might lead to...

The once famous but forgotten secret that instantly allows you to stop snoring in a matter of minutes by using our secret tips...

The 5 common foods that can cause snoring and ones that help eliminate it! Many people are surprised that one of these foods is often a main source of their snoring!

Plus much, much more!

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" The Silent Sleep Method" is written in plain, easy to understand English

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FREE BONUS #1: "The Sleep Apnea Antidote"

This amazing bonus #1 (24.95 value), is a step by step guide on how to solve Sleep Apnea problems starting Today! Most people know that sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of snoring, but did you know that it can also become a potentially life threatening condition? You don't need to worry about that though, because this ebook will show you multiple sure-fire strategies for battling even the most severe sleep apnea conditions, and get you on your way to waking up alert and refreshed every single morning!

Sleep Apnea

You'll discover:


What is causing your obstructive sleep apnea

7 powerful secrets to improving your health that will dramatically help with your Sleep Apnea.

Cutting edge throat and breathing exercises that can stop sleep apnea in it's tracks

That's not all, because you'll also get...

FREE BONUS #2: "Fat Loss Miracle"

Are you beginning to see how valuable this package is? With this bonus (29.95 value), you'll learn all the essentials on how to lose as much weight as you want by harnessing the power of "super foods" in this 112 page ebook. For many that suffer with chronic snoring it's often a matter of simply adjusting our eating habits by incorporating the correct foods into our diet. This in turn allows for sensible weight-loss to occur, which will almost always have a huge impact on chronic snoring.

Micracle Weight Loss

Finally revealed:


The BIGGEST dieting mistakes, and how to avoid them.

How to tap into the power of Monohydrates - a natural way to an awesome looking body!

15 Master keys to rapid weight loss!

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You don't know it yet but, at the end of this bonus (22.95 value), you'll discover how to completely release the anxiety and stress that can cause you to experience Insomnia during the night. After interviewing hundreds of Snoring sufferers during my research, and gaining valuable insight from my own personal experience, it became clear that insomnia is a major side effect for many ex-snorers. Because snoring trains us to "not sleep smoothly", these psychological habits can linger even after snoring has ceased. This book will show you how to retrain your brain to rest peacefully the whole night through.


Here's a sneak peak into what this free bonus contains:


Learn the one "simple trick" that will cure 90% of all insomniacs.

Little known and POWERFUL sleep tools which will be quite unlike ANY of
the same old rehashed relaxation techniques you have heard about before.

The way to ensure that you get the stages of sleep you need, particularly the delicious DELTA SLEEP that insomniacs often miss out on.


You can see how powerful this program is already, but I want to include one more amazing resource for you...


FREE BONUS #4: "Powerful Mind=Powerful Life"

This 100+ page book (24.95 value) is jam packed with an incredible amount of wisdom and practical insight on how to tap into the power of having a positive attitude to capture unlimited success! As with any obstacle in life, it's critical to develop a "winners mentality" to overcome the hurdles that are placed before us. Chronic snoring is no exception! This book shows you how to construct a winning "blue-print" in your mind that will keep you focused, positive, and confident enough to not only overcome chronic snoring, but anything else you set your mind to as well. It helped me immensely and I know it will help you too!

Powerful Life

You'll learn these amazing insights:


Discover how and where your motivation comes from, so you can tap into the supply whenever you need it.

How To Simultaneously Build Confidence And Shatter Barriers

The key to Finding Positive Emotion In Today’s World.


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Take A Look At What These People Are Saying About the "Silent Sleep Method"


Ex-Snorer #1: Julie Ramirez

"You made it super easy for me..."


Hi it's Julie again :)

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the wonderful information you provided in your book. It wasn't long ago that I felt stressed out to even go to sleep, but thanks to the easy to understand techniques you set out, I was able to see results almost immediately! It's so great to be able to go camping with friends again, or go on any trip really, without worrying about keeping everyone up all night. Jeff, I suffered from bad snoring as long as I can remember and it was always a source of embarresment and concern for me. I'm happy to say those days are gone thanks to the things you taught me. You made it super easy for me, and I can't thank you enough."
God bless you!"

-- Julie Ramirez,(San Diego, CA)

Ex-Snorer #2: Jerry Oliegi

"Can You Say QUITE"

"Hey Jeff,

I know you like to get feedback from people that have benefited from your help so I thought I would share with you how much you've helped me in getting to the place where I can sleep through the night without waking my own self up! (Seriously, I used to wake my self up several times during a nights sleep). Can you say QUIET. I can honestly say that your Silent Sleep Method cured me of my snoring problems once and for all. Now that I know the "counter-measures" you teach in your book, I can sleep peacefully when ever I want - and that's a great feeling. My wife just mentioned to me this morning how much better her sleep has been lately too. And that is whats most important to me honestly. She has always been so polite about it, but I know how truly happy she is not to have to sleep next to a chainsaw any more, ;) Thanks Again!

-- Jerry Oliegi,(St. Paul, MN)

Ex-Snorer #3: Steve Larson

"All the other techniques and exercises you showed were great too. It was very thorough, and I appreciated that. I'll definitely recommend it to any chronic snorers I come across in the future"

"Jeff -- What can I say except a big hardy Thank You for these exercises that you share in your ebook. I can't tell you what a difference it's made, and it's only been 5 days! I'm a 37 year old man and have dealt with this affliction since I was a kid. My snoring has put a strain on every romantic relationship I have ever had it seems like. I'd tried most of the standard products on the market, and was seriously thinking about getting surgery for it - which I was dreading.I bought your book on a friends recommendation and starting applying what I learned right away. I especially enjoyed the section where you show how certain foods can dramatically affect snoring habits, and how I could tweek my diet to see results. And I did...almost immediately. All the other techniques and exercises you showed were great too. It was very thorough, and I appreciated that. I'll definitely recommend it to any chronic snorers I come across in the future"

-- Steve Larson,(Tampa, Florida)

Ex-Snorer #4: Neil Pieolli

"This is so cool, my best friend actually told me how much calmer I seemed this week which is wierd because I've had more energy in the last week than I can ever remember."

"I just started using your Silent Sleep System, and I'm seeing dramtic results already. So glad I wasted all that money on medical consultations, snoring sprays, snoring pillows, and half a dozen other useless products! I guess I can laugh about it now, but for so many years it was certainly not a laughing matter. My snoring has always been a nusiance but over the course of thelast year it had become ridiculous. It's crazy but your system is actually working for me. This is so cool, my best friend actually told me how much calmer I seemed this week which is wierd because I've had more energy in the last week than I can ever remember. Just goes to show how getting the proper rest can do miracles for the mind and body. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for finally showing me how to banish my snoring forever...


-- Neil Pieolli,(Toronto, Canada)

Ex-Snorer #5: Shaun Lewis

"It wasn't hard at all to do the things you layed out in your program, and now I get a good restful sleep every night."

"Jeff: I am (or was) a very LOUD snorer and it used to make my girlfriend want to pull her hair out on some nights. It sucked waking up alone when my snoring got so bad on occasion that it drove her to sleep on the couch, no joke. The improvement I've seen though since I started using your tips has made a big difference. It wasn't hard at all to do the things you layed out in your program, and now I get a good restful sleep every night, and my girlfriend responded to the change in a, well lets just say - very positive way. This is awesome stuff and I can't thank you enough."

-- Shaun Lewis,(Chicago, IL)

Ex-Snorer #6: Roger Mitchell

"It's amazing to me how all of the so called experts don't promote the things you illustrate in your program!"

"Just wanted to drop you a line mate and state for the record how brilliant your stop snoring program has worked for me. The tips and tricks you you share in your course have helped me sleep noise free for 18 days and counting. I've been waking up every morning feeling more refreshed than ever. I was worried about coming up with the money for
an expensive surgery so your book couldn't have come along at a better time. It's amazing to me how all of the so called experts don't promote the things you illustrate in your program. because anyone who suffers with a terrible snoring habit needs to know what your program teaches. I'm just glad that I found this resource when I did. It honestly couldn't have come at a better time for me. It's just a huge relief to have my snoring under control after so much futility in the past. Keep up the good work mate.


-- Roger Mitchell,United Kingdom

Ex-Snorer #7: Lisa Wygant

"In less than 3 weeks the constant ringing have completely gone. I now live a normal life without the horrible   ringing sounds that used to drive me crazy!"

"I just about gave up on ever finding a solution to my problem snoring. Then I found your site Jeff, and now I want to scream at my doctor! Your method is simplicity it's self and the "counter-measures" you teach work like a charm. Since I started using what I learned from you I haven't experienced a bad snoring episode in over 3 months, at least that's what my husband tells me :) This is absolutely wonderful and not having to worry about how my snoring will affect my hubby is beyond incredible. I don't know how I lived with this stupid problem for so long. It's not like I didn't try a lot of other stuff either! Your book has truly been a God send for me and my family. I wish you all the success in the world Jeff.


-- Lisa Wygant,(Seattle, WA)

That's just a FEW of countless testimonials I get every day from super happy satisfied customers...Just like you'll be (And I want you to send in feed back too).


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What you discover in this program will cure or drastically reduce your chronic snoring, I'm confident it will, but if for any reason it does not, simply let know via email and I'll refund every penny back to you, and you can still keep the entire system for free.

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Jeff Roth

Creator of The Silent Sleep Method

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PS. In as little as 7 days you could finally be getting the quiet nights sleep you've always dreamed about, or you could pass on the Silent Sleep Method and keep irritating your partner for 7 more days.

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